As a little boy, I was fascinated with John Wayne  and  Chuck Connors.  What set their characters apart from all of the other fictional Western heroes was how they handled a rifle. In adulthood, I realized that what was special about their rifles were their Large Loop Levers. Well, as I got in on the Internet craze, I needed a screen name that reflected my interests. Since I had a modern Henry rifle, with a large loop lever, in .22LR caliber, I chose the screen name “BigLoop22”. When I started working with leather, a couple of years ago, I wanted a memorable name that embodied my interests, and would be recognizable to the Cowboy & Western crowd. “Big Loop Leather” was the name that I chose. In case you haven’t caught on, Big Loop Leather is a play on “big loop lever”, which, in turn, is derived from “large loop lever”.
My First Big Loop Lever

My First Big Loop Lever: the Henry H001L




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